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Weekly payouts on many terminations now available
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CONGO TEST NOW +2437700000
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Belgium / Guinea / Congo / Malawi and Switzerland
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Get higher payouts from certain originations to our UK ranges
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BELGIUM - +32467401130 NEW BELGIUM - +32468900090 BELGIUM - +32468900019 NEW
ESTONIA - +37258990390 NEW FIJI - Whi +6795198700 NEW MALAWI - +265212341261
NAURU - Whi +6745596900 NEW PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Whi +67570896070 NEW RUSSIA - +79697530680 NEW
SATELLITE - Whi +8818460011 NEW SWITZERLAND - +41799770482 SWITZERLAND - +41742791880
SWITZERLAND - +41799770690 UK - +447924397800 NEW UK - +447924769400 NEW
UK - +447441002700 NEW VANUATU - Whi +6785998400 NEW WESTERN SAMOA - Whi +6857215699 NEW
24-APR-2018 09:03:133246740113048695740XXX----------PAID
24-APR-2018 04:43:04447441002700447797800XXX----------PAID
23-APR-2018 21:49:354474410027001XXX----------UNPAID
23-APR-2018 19:51:44447441002700447973791XXX----------PAID
23-APR-2018 19:50:20447441002700447481337XXX----------UNPAID